Qinomic part of Stellantis' Dare Forward 2030.

Qinomic part of Stellantis' Dare Forward 2030.

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Qinomic is part of Stellantis' "A-team" to accelerate the shift to electrification in Dare Forward 2030. 

To watch Stellantis' video on their two years at full speed on software and electrification: 



Qinomic creates innovative solutions that aim to transform the existing fleet of internal combustion engine vehicles, facilitating the emergence of zero-emission mobility (design and integration of innovative technology bricks for electric or hydrogen powertrains for all means of transportation). Drawing on its many years of experience in the automotive industry, mainly in electronics and vehicle architecture, Qinomic's team aims to become a leader in upcycling engineering and a major retrofit equipment manufacturer. Recognized in the industry for its technological expertise and its potential to successfully industrialize retrofitting, Qinomic announced at the end of 2022 a strategic partnership with Stellantis to develop electric retrofitting for commercial vehicles.

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