Qinomic, an entrepreneurarial adventure with environmental impact


Ever since its creation, QINOMIC's will was clear: to create meaning and to be consistent with its mission, namely to accelerate the deployment of decarbonized solutions for vehicles, whether they be electric or hydrogen powered. Its initial intention was (and still is) to aim for sustainable growth, and to contribute, in its own small way, to solving the challenges of tomorrow. 


We are constantly looking for talent to strengthen our teams. If you want to be part of a technological adventure that makes sense, if you are interested in the sustainable mobility and industrial sectors, we invite you to apply without further delay.


  • about twenty employees
  • the possibility to work at the head office in Aix-en-Provence, in a very pleasant region, with a workshop in Normandy, in Dieppe. And a new site will soon open in the Paris region!
  • the development of numerous highly innovative projects, with the largest partners in the automotive industry.
  • a responsible approach, which has resulted in the Toumaï by Lucie 26000 label. 


We are a company specialized in automotive engineering and equipment, from design to marketing. 


We foster a wide range of professions: vehicle architecture, electrical and electronic architecture, engineering, cybersecurity, marketing, customer relations, sustainable development, production, human resources. 


In addition to the versatility of our professions, we are also very open to candidates from all countries, which we also consider one of our strengths. 


We make sure to welcome each new employee as they should be, and provide them with the appropriate resources to support them in their setting-up. 

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